upcoming events

Feburary 20. Kat sings with Louis Cole and full band at the Blue Whale. 9pm.

February 24. Kat and Ben ALBUM RELEASE show at Art Share. 9pm. Event will feature dancers, and visual art as well as our limited addition physical copies of our CDs made from up-cycled books. 


January 27. Performing improvised experimental vocalizations with Carmina Escobar for an immersize experience for the Art Los Angeles Festival at Barker Hangar. 4-6pm.

January 8. Kat and Ben play at the Griffin with Jerkagram. 9pm.

December 30. Kat sings with Genevieve Artadi & Louis Cole and full band music 9pm. email for details.

December 17. Kathryn sings soprano solo from the Bach Magnificat at First Congregational Church of LA. 11am.

December 10. Kat and Ben perform at Stories presented by dublab & contact wave radio. show also features George Jensen. 8pm.

December 3rd.  Kat and Ben perform live on dublab's Contace Wave Radio. 10-12am.

December 2nd. Kathryn plays a solo set of original as katshu at (the) Handbag Factory. 9:30pm

December 2nd. Kathryn sings music written by Steven Van Betten for Szalt's Benefit show at the MorYork Gallery. 4pm & 6pm.

November 17,18, 19, 20Kathryn performs the show Undine, with fourlarks at Basic Flowers. 

September 23. Kat and Ben perform new pieces for double bass, electric bass and acoustic and electronically processed voice and synthesizer. Music by Davy Sumner's newly built ForkOrgan instrument will be played. Also, Jessika Kenney and Eyvind Kang will perform a set of improvised Persian music with voice and setar.

August 25th. Kathryn and Ben Finley play a set of freshly written original music at ArtShare LA.

August 18. Kathryn performs Caitlyn Conlin's original music with Conlin and Alex Wand. At Battery Books. 8pm.

August 5.  Kathryn premiers her composition, and performs with a female vocal quartet from C3LA at an event to raise awareness of climate change and human's impact on the environment. At the Small Green Door. 8pm

July 24. Kathryn performs with Effloresence. Location TBA. 7pm.

July 1. Kathryn sings with Shvidkala  (vocal septet singings the music of the Repubic of Georgia) at Bar Lubitsch for Ted Case's CD release. 8pm.

June 28. Kathryn sings with C3LA (collectively run contemporary voice ensemble) at LACE. 8pm.

June 18. Performing an aLma.MaddR production at Automata. 8pm

 June 10. Kathryn is soprano soloist for Carmina Burana at Pasadena City College. 7pm.

June 4. Kathryn is one of the soloists for Honegger's King David at First Congregational Church of LA with the Southern California Brass Consortium. 2pm.

June 3. Blackberry Tongues plays The Smile! Progressive rock show at HM157. 9pm. Ariel Pink and others will also be playing. 

May 20Kathryn is soprano soloist in Carmina Burana at the new CSA Hall in Riverside, CA. 7pm.

May 10.  Kathryn performs with Eric Pham, Theodossia Roussous and Effloresence at Art Share LA. 9pm.

April 26. Blackberry Tongues plays at the smell with In The Womb and Andorkappen. 9pm

March 18th. Bach in the Subways at Union Station. Marathon 10 hour performance from. Kathryn performs with Concerto NoHo from 2-3pm.

March 5th. Weaving Locus plays at the blue whale. at 10pm. This group consists of Ben Finley, Greg Uhlmann, Randy Gloss, Cari Stevens, Robert Perez, and Kathryn.

March 3rd, and 4th.  C3LA collectively-run contemporary voice ensemble performs a set of music playing with words. The concert is called Glossolalia, and all the works are written within the last 25 years. at the DNJ Gallery.

February 24th, and 25th. Opengate opera's "Hecuba" featuring traditional Balinese dance, and music. at the Electric Lounge. 

January 13th. Kathryn sings with trio Argenta Walther and Amy Golden at Automata in Los Angeles.  9pm.

January 20th. Kathryn is soprano in "Other People" is a re-imagining of Jean Paul Sarte's one-act play, "No Exit." by Sean Hayward, and Tyler Vandermaas' "Dream of a Child" for chamber ensemble. at 1142 East 11th St. Los Angeles. 8pm.

October 29th. Another performance Rand Steiger's Nimbus on the escalators of Walt Disney Concert Hall.

October 1. the world premiere of Rand Steiger's Nimbus. The performance will take place on the escalators of Walt Disney Concert Hall as part of the opening day extravaganza of the Green Umbrella Series.

September 24th. Kalebi, the Georgian vocal sextet, performs after Four Larks' theater piece in a secret Music theater location in DTLA. 10pm.more details tba. 

September 22nd. Blackberry Tongues performs after Four Larks' theater piece in a secret Music theater location in DTLA. 10pm.more details tba. 

September 10th Blackberry Tongues plays in SF. Details TBA.

September 2nd Blackberry Tongues plays new original music at the Ham and Eggs in LA. 9pm.

August 20th Expressive Movement under the direction of Jeremy Hahn with live original music by Kathryn Shuman and Eric Pham at Camera Obscura Art Lab at 1450 Ocean. 11am to 1pm.

July 14 at 7pm & 17 at 2pm. Ben & Kat perform at Westben Festival Ontario, Canada @ 7pm.

July 1-14  Ben & Kat Canada and East Coast U.S. tour. Shows in New York City, Montreal, Toronto, Cambellford, S, Details TBA. 

March 13 Kathryn Shuman's MFA Graduate recital at California Institute of the Arts @ 8pm.

Kathryn performed her original compositions and works by Earl Kim, Georges Aperghis, 

January 24 Prism Effloresence show. 3pm @ Atwater Village site based performance

Kathryn will be singing original, avant-garde classical, and improvised music with the music collective Effloresence. This inter-disciplinary show includes movement, visual art, and music. Free Admission.

December 17 World Music Collective @ CalArts Gamelan Room 8pm

Kathryn performed Balinese gamelan music and dance, Javanese music. She sang traditional Georgian music with her ensemble Kalebi, and sang traditional Mexican folk songs, and played Sogo drums for a traditional West African Set.

December 13 African Concert  @ Calarts 8pm

A concert full of different African ensembles at CalArts. Kathryn will be performing drumming with the Advanced African Ensemble, Aza. 

December 9 Blues Band @ main gallery CalArts. 12pm

A set full of feisty and mellow blues music featuring Miroslav Tadic.

November 19. Blackberry Tongues in LA @ Loaded Hollywood, with Jerkagram, Prissy Whip & Corima



September 12.  Ben & Kat perform works from their upcoming album at the 1604 house. @ 8pm.





August 28. Blackberry Tongues in San Diego, with Vaginals, Fistfight with Wolves, & Beekeeper. @ the Black Cat.

August 22performing Genevieve Artadi's new solo album, Genevieve lalalafeaturing Louis Cole & lots of others. @ The Springs. 7pm.




August 12. Blackberry Tongues performs @ Blacklight District Lounge in Long Beach. 8pm.


August 2. Kathryn performs original music and original arrangements with Sean Fitzpatrick (drummer/vocalist) and Ben Finley (bass).  @ First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. 11am.





July 27. performing Genevieve Artadi's (of KNOWER, & Pollyn) recently released solo album, Genevieve lalala, featuring Louis Cole & others . @ The Dragonfly in Los Angeles.


July 23. Kathryn Shuman (soprano soloist) and the Isaura String Quartet perform works by Osvaldo Golijov, Meredith Monk, Johannes Brahms, and more. Mezzo-soprano Argenta Walther will also be a featured soloist.




June 26. 8pm. Blackberry Tongues@ Cirvello's in Long Beach


June 18.   John Luther Adams" Sila: The Breath of the World at the Ojai in Berkley




June 15. performing Genevieve Artadi's (of KNOWER, & Pollyn) recently released album, Genevieve lalala, featuring Louis ColeLas Vegas, NV


June 11.  west coast premier of John Luther Adams" Sila: The Breath of the World at the Ojai Music Festival



June 6. 8pm. Effloresence  Prism show from the recently created series (2014), premiering movement, animation, and music all composed and choreographed by the artists performing. at arts @ play